Here you can find the calendar of scientific events, meetings and workshops organized at Area Science Park.


  • LADE Seminars: Biweekly meetings with invited talks on research topics of interests for the Laboratory of Data Engineering (LADE). Subscribe to announcements!
  • LADE Meetings: Biweekly meetings dedicated to LADE members progress reports and dedicated discussion on topics of interest.
  • PRP Seminars: With this seminar series, scientists are given the opportunity to present their scientific focus and/or scientific background with the purpose to underline their expertise to be exploited within our Pathogens Preparedness network for new multidisciplinary research collaborations.

Upcoming Events

RIT Seminar
Ornella Affinito, SYNLAB - IRCSS SDN

Recent Events

Area Science Park/IRCCS Burlo Garofalo
Round table
Laureandi Day
Francesco Ortu, Giada Panerai, Isac Pasianotto, Alessandro Pietro Serra
LADE Seminar
Emily Shana Cheng, Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona
LADE Meeting
Niccolò Tosato
RIT Seminar
Ornella Affinito, SYNLAB - IRCSS SDN


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