Here you can find the calendar of scientific events, meetings and workshops organized at Area Science Park.


  • LADE Seminars: Biweekly meetings with invited talks on research topics of interests for the Laboratory of Data Engineering (LADE). Subscribe to announcements!
  • LADE Meetings: Biweekly meetings dedicated to LADE members progress reports and dedicated discussion on topics of interest.
  • PRP Seminars: With this seminar series, scientists are given the opportunity to present their scientific focus and/or scientific background with the purpose to underline their expertise to be exploited within our Pathogens Preparedness network for new multidisciplinary research collaborations.

Upcoming Events

LADE Seminar
Giulio Caravagna (UniTS)
LADE Meeting
Federica Bazzocchi

Recent Events

LADE Meeting
Francesca Cuturello
LADE Seminar
Dieter Weber (Jülich)
LADE Seminar
Tomislav Šubić (Arctur)
LADE Meeting
Fiorella Fabris
LADE Seminar
Dario Coscia (SISSA)


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